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moondoggy - 'Fur Shore'

Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 12:31 am
by moondoggy
Fur_Shore.mp3 - 15.3 Mb
157.34343434343434343434343434343434343434343434 bpm
d[o]rk forest

iMPReSSiV... vErY iMPReSSiV!!

Posted: Thu May 06, 2010 1:58 pm
by eKLeCTRiK
wOtz uR sEt-uP??

hOw LoNG hAv u bIn WRiTiN???

& lAst WHiLST nEvEr LeeST... dU u hAv N-E-FiNK phAstA????? (200+)

DooD!! kEEp uP dA GuD wOrk & BiG Up FRoM bUshA FRiTa rEkkOrdz!!

Ps. LuV "hUmAnz R dEd"!! :Rolf

Re: iMPReSSiV... vErY iMPReSSiV!!

Posted: Fri May 07, 2010 4:59 am
by moondoggy
eKLeCTRiK wrote: Ps. LuV "hUmAnz R dEd"!! :Rolf
ha thanx..kind of wonky, figured itd be a fun afternoonish track..

ive been djing since 04..just really getting into production work the last six months or so [seriously at least]..i mean in high school and college i was in a few 'how far up our own asses can we go' indie/hipster/cumalloverconoroberst nerd artmusic type band-projects..prior to awakening to darkthunder deliciousness..

the newer stuff ive been working on lately is 160-166 bpm range, havent really written anything faster than that, but ill post a track or two in the next week and see what you think of it..

as far as setup..poor kid deluxe
:poor mostly written on borrowed korg nano or computer keyboard and bag of vsts with a dash of ambitous hope&dreams; korg kp3 kaos pad; kontrol x1 [used with traktor for mixing] midimapped to ableton to knobby-it when a lot of compositional work and editing in acidpro..saving up for some decent hardware tho..

really appreciate you giving the tracks a listen, hopefully the new stuff will have a bit more polished sound to it :ura