DJ SHAFT(69) - Lost Beyond Reality-Part 1

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DJ SHAFT(69) - Lost Beyond Reality-Part 1

Post by DJSHAFT69 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:44 pm

DJ SHAFT(69) - Lost Beyond Reality-Part 1

Psychedelic Chillout, Psychedelic Dub, Downtempo, Ambient
Recorded Live on 9/1/2009
(Broadcast from Burning Man 2009 via live remote for Lost Beyond Reality radio show)

Psychill, Dub, Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout, Psychedelic


This set was carefully selected to enhance psychedelic expereinces and journeys.It seems to have a pretty good effect even when you are not enchanced, from what people told me. Hope everyone enjoys the trip!

This was a sunrise of the playa set, and I think the feeling of the rising dawn and the start of a new day comes though very well.

My Podcast Live Streaming Player Link ... 46396.html

Direct D/L
(Right click to D/L, or just click to play on your computer) ... 513293.mp3

1>The Infinity Project - Blue Aura [Mystical Experiences: Remastered Limited Edition-Avatar)
2>Digital Mystery Tour - 'Saute Mouton' Syndrome [Digital Mystery Tour-Twisted]
3>Digital Mystery Tour - Smokeman (Chiluemon Mix) [Digital Mystery Tour-Twisted]
4>Kick Bong - Flower Power [Flower Power-Cosmicleaf]
5>Ololiuqui - Rising [The Other Side Of Odra-Richocet Dream]
6>The Infinity Project - When Sound Becomes Colour
[Mystical Experiences: Remastered Limited Edition-Avatar)
7>Salvinorin - Contemplative Synchronicity [Shiva Sadhana-Node3]
8>Kuba - 2 Say Goodbye [Through A Lense: Chillcode]
9>Blue Lunar Monkey - Fly Away [2012-Synergetic]
10>Ailo - Musica Liquida [VA Chillum Vol. 5-Agitato]
11>Blue Lunar Monkey - Acupuncture [2012-Synergetic]
12>Dream Lab - Suspicious Minds (Easily Embarrassed Remix) [Cosmothreapy-Cardamar]
13>Organismic - On The Air [VA Soul Vibration 2-Liquid]
14>Phutureprimitive - Innerverse {Transdimensional Doorway Live Mix}
[Original version on VA Soul Vibration 2-Liquid]
15>Counterpoint - Lost Eden [VA Chillum Vol. 5-Agitato]
16>Capsula - Golden Orb [VA Soul Vibration 2-Liquid]
17>Beat Hackers - Life As a Robot [VA Chillum Vol. 5-Agitato]

This set was originally broadcast live for the chillout radio show "Lost On The Other Side Of Reality" during Burning Man 2009.
Thanks to Ras Malachai for finding this in the radio station archive.

Much Respect and Blessings to the artists whose work was used in this set.
Much love for making such great tracks!
Much Respect and Blessings to the labels that put out the great albums used in this set. Much love for releasing such great music!

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