M&M's @ Ambient Paradise - Boom Festival

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M&M's @ Ambient Paradise - Boom Festival

Post by M&Ms » Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:07 am

For those who were there and for those who weren't, here's the Set Recording.

Part 1 "The Ambient"

http://soundcloud.com/m-ms/m-ms-ambient-paradise-part-1 Audio stream
http://soundcloud.com/m-ms/m-ms-ambient ... 1/download Download @ 320kbps

Intro from "The Secret of Keels" movie
1_Tom Midlleton_"Sea of Glass"
2_Jon Hopkins_"The Low Places"
3_John Metcalfe_"Otama" (Palm Skin rmx)
4_Laurie Anderson_"Night Flight From Huston"
5_John Metcalfe_"Nothing More True"
6_Doyeq_"Eyelashes of Lanterns"
7_Jon Hopkins_"Private Universe"
8_Air_"Space Maker"
9_Yestegan Chai_"Blue Cat"
10_Lemon Jelly_"Experiment Nº6"
11_Massive Attack_"Karmacoma"
13_Armenia_"Dle Yaman"
14_Gustavo Santaolalla_"Desportation Iguazu"
15_Hedningarna_"Kings Selma"
16_Savanj Rooms_"The Groove You Liked"

Part 2 "The Groove"

http://soundcloud.com/m-ms/m-ms-ambient-paradise-part-2 Audio Stream
http://soundcloud.com/m-ms/m-ms-ambient ... 2/download Download @ 320 Kbps

1_Alice Russel_"To Know This"
2_Cinemad in Chaos_"Memory"
3_The Dinning Rooms_"La Citta Nuda"
4_Deep Dive Corp_"Rising Sun"
5_Lemon Jelly_"The Curse of Kh'zar"
6_Wax Tailor_"Am I Free"
7_Mighty Math_"Urba Jettin"
8_Minilogue_"Six Arms & One Leg"
10_Downhill_"Perfect Man (Human)"
11_Mauxuam & Master Margherita"_"Viavai"
12_Eat Static_"UFO Over Trenchtown"
13_Jon Hopkins_"Vessel" (Four Tet Rmx)

Part 3 "The Sunset"

http://soundcloud.com/m-ms/m-ms-ambient-paradise-part-3 Audio Stream
http://soundcloud.com/m-ms/m-ms-ambient ... 3/download Download @ 320 kbps

4_Parov Stelar_"Psychedelic Jazz"
5_Murcof & Erik Trufazz_"Good News From the Desert"
6_Cell_"Above the Clouds"
7_Aquascape & Skydan_"Voice of the Universe"
8_Zen Baboon_"Chomolungma"
9_Brian Eno & Rober Fripp_"Evening Star"
10_Pink Floyd_"Shine on Your Crazy Diamond"

These and Other Mixs @ http://soundcloud.com/m-ms


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