Manifestations Of The Divine (jan2013-mix)

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Seeking connection...
Seeking connection...
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Manifestations Of The Divine (jan2013-mix)

Post by eleMentalSounds » Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:57 pm

Hello, everybody :) here is a new mix i made (about a year after the last one). Same as always: earthy, tribal, ethnic music full of didgeridoos, percussions and other lovely details.


We are all different as much as we are the same. We all connect to the same Source of Universal Consciusness and manifest the things we learn in this dimension. This story stretches for thousands of miles, from deep in the Amazonian jungle to the Middle-East and even down in the Australian Outback. Different cultures, different sounds and yet the same message resides in all of them. At times being very melodic and at others a bit rough on the listener, the music will connect you to Mother Earth and the Divine regardless of past beliefs and systems.

You can find this mix (and others of the sort) on my blog with an embedded soundcloud player or directly on ... tations-of. Thank you :D

01. ARBRE NOIR - Traveller [Traveller // Polymorph Rec]
02. BYRON METCALF & MARK SEELIG - Wachumas's Wave [Wachuma's Wave // Spotted Peccary]
03. ARBRE NOIR - Growth [Roam // Not on Label]
04. JAMES ASHER - Red Rhythm Dragon [Shaman Drums // Sammasati Music ]
05. DESERT DWELLERS - Misty Mountain (Solar Lion Remix) [Recalibrated Vol.1 // ?]
06. INLAKESH - The Road To Tulku's Palace [The Dreaming Gate // Inlakesh Music]
07. LIQUID BLOOM - Whispers Of Our Ancestors [Shaman's Eye // ?]
08. ELEMENTAL - Metamorphosis (Hooves & Horns) [Unreleased]
09. TUU AND NICK PARKIN - Djinn [Terma // Fathom]
10. ISHQ - Rainmaking [Flowering Mountain Earth // Virtual ]
11. BYRON METCALF & MARK SEELIG - Deep Time Dreaming [Wachuma's Wave // Spotted Peccary]
12. ARBRE NOIR - Hidden Secret [Beyond // Polymorph Rec]
13. ARBRE NOIR - Dreaming [Beyond // Polymorph Rec]
14. ULF SODERBERG - Vargskymning [Vidarnas Hus // Slow Moon]
15. BYRON METCALF - Seeking Guidance III [Helpers, Guides & Allies // Not On Label]
16. ULF SODERBERG - Tidvatten Part I [Tidvatten // Slow Moon]

06 ian 2013 Total Runtime - 90:11


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