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Kalilaskov AS

Posted: Wed May 13, 2015 6:15 am
by Kalilaskov_AS
Hello friends.

Well after long time and big delay in production, i am again started to do new music.

Sorted out some personal problems and again with new ideas and power on my way to spray news music. !

Here is some links to new music and new web pages to get more information and contact to me.

Soundcloud :
FB Personal : (Booking and new Tracks for labels )
FB Music :
Skype : or

as far here is label i am running :

I guess lot of you already know about "Ohm Ganesh Pro" and releases that came out, so yep this is my project i am been busy last years.

At the moment i am living in Israel (After long time spending in Europe).

Just in case for promoters who still ask me if i am still in Germany

Thats it for now, wish you all good and all the best.

Vadim @ Kalilaskov AS


Some last releases from me : ... um/1363052 ... sy/1182321

also you can see full list Ohm Ganesh Pro releases there

Have a blast and thanks again for your time and support!