:: Dryad :: European Tour ::

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:: Dryad :: European Tour ::

Post by psylicious » Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:59 pm


Dryad is the dark forest psychedelic trance persona of Polish/American DJ, Maja Gaia.
Dryad is no stranger to psychedelic trance, having played at various events throughout America,
Canada, and Europe since 2004.

Her sets are always well received, including her 4 hour set for an event collaboration with
visionary artist Alex Grey (CoSM). Over the years, her sound has flowed through evolution as she
became enriched by darker, more atmospheric sounds. In 2011, Dryad was born.

Playing a wide range of sounds with experimental twists, Dryad's sets can be described as engaging,
driving, and ethereal as she explores a variety of moods and states of mind as her sets progress.
Viewing DJing as storytelling, she adores taking the dance floor into an organic audio journey through
the lands of mystical forests and ancient folklore, sharing her favourite tales that are always full
of energy, combined with flawless mixing ability and precise track selection.

Dryad is a DJ for Psylicious and also a label DJ for respected record labels, Visionary Shamanics Records
and Omveda Records. She is a DJ for the Visionary Shamanics Radio Show and is also a regular player for
USA parties, Fractaltribe and Radial Engine Tribe where you can always be assured of the Dryad experience.

June 2015 welcomes Dryad to Europe as she embarks on her personal relocation from America, making her more
accessible for bookings within Europe and other countries.

:: Listen to her newest promotional DJ set ::
'Into The Swamp of Trolls' is the latest Visionary Shamanics Radio Show Mix by Dryad. Packed with a
fulfillment of dark, forest and experimental sounds, Dryads musical journey will be sure to open your
mind and deliver to your soul a driving audio experience.

:: Track Listing ::

01.Flipknot - Eva Zandora
02.Petran - Moon Dance
03.Taakelur - Graveyard
04.Paracusia & Chudl - Dark Fluid
05.Hutti Heita - Fruitcake
06.Akkma - Jungle Dance
07.Gnawa - Gugu
08.Strix Aluco - Groundsurfing
09.Spirituz - Wake Up Dino
10.Time For Slime - Apparater

:: Dryads Current Top 10 Albums & Tracks ::


01. VA - Mythical Folksagns 2 (Visionary Shamanics)
02. VA - NaV JeeVan (Digital Shiva Power)
03. VA - Arcane Mysticism (Visionary Shamanics)
04. VA - Under The Moss Vol. 3 (Forest Freaks)
05. VA - The Tale Of The Eagle (Mushroom Hunters)
06. Dohm - From The Dark Poetry (Forest Freaks)
07. VA - Swampy (Collowrath)
08. VA - Intropix (Moon Koradji Records)
09. VA - Quantum Vedas (Omveda Records)
10. VA - Audiogenic Forces (Sanaton Records)


01. Distorted Goblin – Let’s Get Twisted (Mushroom Hunters)
02. Gnawa – Gugu (Tarapita Sounds)
03. Taakelur – Graveyard (Visionary Shamanics)
04. Kanka – Split Personalities (Moon Koradji Records)
05. Paracusia & Chudl – Dark Fluid (Visionary Shamanics)
06. Dohm – Owlorija (Banyan Records / Forest Freaks)
07. Dronebixie – Big Bully (Digital Shiva Power)
08. Akkma – Jungle Dance (Visionary Shamanics)
09. Goch – Stalagmite (Forestdelic Records)
10. Trimurthi – Beyond Of Visible (Visionary Shamanics)

Page: http://www.psylicious.com/acts/dryad
Email: tom@psylicious.com

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