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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 3:33 pm
by time wave zero
yes, it is a very good movie. 8) it is exactly the film that i meant in the previous posts as i said that shiva jörg ( dark shiva) sent this link to many ppl in psy trance forums and there were some of them, who started to argue that psy trance has nothing to do with politics....pity that there are so many ppl who think that psy trance has only to do with releases and parties.

btw here you can find the movie without subtitles or with subtitles on lots of different languages

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:00 am
by Alien_Assault
I think latest Xenomorph release suits the topic.
My own position is that i'm involved in some sort of activism, but won't mix it with psy scene (though i'm not against such blending). I think psy is something inner and real, and politics are closer to illusions i do not need.

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:32 pm
by time wave zero
yeah, definitely agree with that. for me politics is secondary too, most important are those things which belong to the sphere of mind. the revolutions of the own mind is the most important revolution of all. maybe we cannot change the world ( which i havent given up yet, i just started to concentrate on the changes within the own mind)....

but in spite of this i find it a bit ridiculous that it is not allowed, i.e. it is strictly restricted to write about any politics in the ISRATRANCE forum, if i understood properly. ppl are not allowed to write about it and this is still one of the biggest forums in the trance scene at all. not sure how strict they are, but sometimes this rules are a bit too much. we cannot all just sit quietly and say nothing never and ever just because ppl dont like to be put out of their illusions and pearple dreams. same with the plur story.

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:34 pm
by time wave zero
oh, i meant isratrance forum, not this one of course, :grin: 8)

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:33 pm
by Toxic Anger Syndrome
I agree with you there, time wave zero.. can't write a single word about things that matters on that forum.. don't know how many times I have gotten "censored" for mentioning the Zeitgeist movie or provided a link to it (it's free so no copyrightlaws are broken)

I also posted some links to the "Police State" documentaries (they have no copyrightlaws exept you can't sell them and make a profit) wich has also getting censored/deleted almost at once... I don't get it... it's allowed to talk and post videos/documentaries of illegal substances, how they are made etc etc, but when we talk about illegal acting from the government or any other autorithy you get censored at once...

After that I have just given up... if I´m not even allowed to talk police brutality there without beeing censored why even bother... anyway.. for me it's good in a way... it just pisses me of and make me do music with samples etc from them wich later leads (hopefully) to some ppl making the effort to look things up...

The Zeitgeist movie is censored all over youtube also and more and more users are making short clips of this one and asking youtube were the violations is in it since they delete them all the time...

I don't get it... amd Isratrance is full of "PLUR people", yet they are not allowed to talk about the things that devides them? (Religion, politics etc) How could the world ever see peace/respect bla bla bla if this is not allowed? Or even stand behind that kinda message if you don't allow people to say whatever on their minds...??

For me, censoring is just an example of people that are "afraid of the truth or any other individual's opinion" and want to live inside a box and thinking everything is great around them... or they are using censoring to make others to think like this...

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:31 pm
by time wave zero
Yeah, very true;). And still they have enough things that divide them on isratrance - the forum is full of "small wars" on styles or other things l, so the PLUR does not exist anyway .....So with or without politics they are divided anyway ;)

The only explanation that i have is that the people from Israel, to whom the forum belongs, have another view of politics. Let us not forget that they are at war. Maybe they are more than fed up with politics and such stuff. And also the illuminati theory is actually a theory of Jewish impact so may be some of them see it as a thread ....And after all, this illuminati theory and everything connected with it has been rejected many times by the government because it was considered to be a part of the neo nazi doctrine. or aat least here in germany ppl who talk about illuminati too much, get cesored by the government and their books get banned. so may be this is the problem in isratrance. who knows, may be they even have problems with the israeli government if they leave a link about illuminati and jewish impact on the world politics....

anyway, one of the things that i hate most, is getting censored. freedom if speech and expression ( if not violating other human rights of course) is the most important freedom of all.

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:27 pm
by Toxic Anger Syndrome
Jupp... probably must be something like that. Otherwise politics/religion wouldn't be such a big issue there... Also, there would be only one rule.. and that would be to respect eachothers no matter of your views upon life and the world situation... You beleive in that god he/she believs in another.. ok.. fine... I don't belive in anyone... but I can still respect and be friends with people that has a different religion and I can't see any problems with that... (even if I don't understand how people can be sure of the existance of something that cannot be proved accurate)

To not talk about "things" makes me suspicious and just want me to know more... I cannot see why it would be harmfull for anyone to discuss some human history and "conspiracy theories"... but I don't live near that country? State? or what it's called but I would not be surprised if their government had something to do with it. Politics and the ongoing conflict in the westbank is hardly ever spoken about on the news if even at all. Nothing against the jewish people now but the fact is that they own most of the mainstream media is no lie or conspiracy. Even our education books we get in our public school in Sweden is printed by jewish people. We got some info about WWI.. but not much... then it whent over to WWII and we got overflooded by information. We got free books etc and the topic was on the schedule from the early beginning of our schooltime until the end of it 9 or 12 years later. Never heard anything about ANY war the americans fought all over the earth. (you know the connection Israel/USA) We didn't talk about all the wars going on in Europe in former Jogoslavia. We didn't talk about the war in Libanon and other places in the middle east and everything else that was going on. Yet ALOT of immigrants from those countries lives here but we don't get the education about why they are doing it. So rasicsm is not a unusual thing here... althou ppl are VERY quite about it since that is nothing you want to be called here. It's like one of the worst things against human rights and we are supposed to be one of the leading countries in that matter.

hehe... I'll should probably have stopped a long time ago but who cares.... just some opinions and fact that slipped out... hope I didn't stepped on anyones toes :P

Have a nice weekend! =)

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:34 am
by Umpalumpa
Toxic Anger Syndrome wrote:Nothing against the jewish people now but the fact is that they own most of the mainstream media is no lie or conspiracy. Even our education books we get in our public school in Sweden is printed by jewish people.
Can you give me a link or a documentary where you got thta info?i would love to have a list of who are the owners of the mainstrream media or something.
Thank you