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Politics and psy

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 5:55 pm
by heathenbrewing
None of the following should be taken as judgmental, just food for thought:

Politics and psy…a bad combination or a match made in heaven? Isnt the whole LSD/shroom/pot thing a bit dated and played out? Isnt it time that the music moves to a new direction, a breath of fresh ? No need to replace the "tried and true" topics of the past, but how about coexisting, new AND old, dark AND light…..

Vegetal - Free thinkers… is IMO one of the best psytrance releases that I have ever heard. Unfortunately, that mix is generally frowned upon. Why? It would appear that a lot of those into the genre are into political issues (environment, reduce/recycle/reuse mentality, etc.) but seem to shun the mix of music and message. It seems like it is still quite danceable, albeit a bit "hard" in a few areas, so why not combine having fun and spreading a message? It would be an easy why for pertinent topics to be presented in a different way, perhaps enlightening those who would otherwise feel free to ignore it.

I can understand the personal responsibility of making the planet/world/community a better place, and it is very important, but really it is a small portion of the solution. The bigger part is corporations. In order to go against a bigger, stronger enemy, you need more people willing to do that. By using any and all means necessary (i.e. including music) you would be able to make a bigger difference.


Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:43 pm
by sadhu
It's a fine question ... on my own personal side the McKenna hypothesis is still at work, and need more studies!
In human history every population dealed with magic shrooms for their worships.
Personally I think that this entheogenic trance/dance music can help anyone to widen a (possibly) narrow-minded existence ...
Everyone is stuck into his own culture, but our western culture is just one among others!
If we don't discuss other's positions, we just got Orwellian 1984 and Bushism.
Sadly the Big Brother - TV format produced by Endemol - is well known today, while Orwell's 1984 - the book
*and* the movie - are ignored!

The best way I got to realize my addiction to dark-psy-trance is:
this music goes uses the hypertechnical world of today to give a
higher state of consciousness. This is an answer to the cultural
need of every culture, from the shamans to the ravers of today.

The main change is that now there's a urge to escape reality with all its controversities.

Global warming got everyone, but *no* politicians *no* industries move a finger to solve it.
They are locked into private lofts and just try to hyde this idea giving us other ideals to deal with.
They keep things go, fearing of losing their advantages.


Youtube - Terence Mc Kenna and Culture

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:20 am
by kriz
This must be a continue from the Isratrance topic by Heathem ?!
Anyway, as I said there. I like to combine it.. But not too much, some
politics in psy, yeah!

But as you say: It have to coexist with the existing psychedelic

The Vegetal album is very cool, and I really want more of this!

I know some parts of the scene doesnt want to mix political messages
in psy, but I dont think we should listen. Lets have some important
samples aswell..

You can just imagine all the politic message coming from the middle

Bring it on, lets not hide.

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 11:47 am
by vic

your message is contradictable.... at the start you talk about coexistence and at the end call for fight?

is that on some research purpose or you just not sure yourself what path to take?

But to answer the subject -- it is artist's right to express fealings about political issues as well as any other issues (local, global, innerspace, cyberspace etc..)
In Psy music appart from Vegital album I can also suggest Neuromotor - Bloody Reality and Acidance release - A Violent Re-Action

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:08 pm
by heathenbrewing
kriz wrote:This must be a continue from the Isratrance topic by Heathem.
Yup, thats me. Thought I would spread it around a bit.

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:13 pm
by heathenbrewing
f u n g u s o k wrote:heathenbrewing,

your message is contradictable.... at the start you talk about coexistence and at the end call for fight?
What I meant was coexisting different styles of psy. As far as I am concerned, fighting against societies rules ard restrictions is a never ending battle.
f u n g u s o k wrote:is that on some research purpose or you just not sure yourself what path to take?
Im new to this style of music and am just trying to get a feel for the common mode of thiinking of differemt subjects.
f u n g u s o k wrote:But to answer the subject -- it is artist's right to express fealings about political issues as well as any other issues (local, global, innerspace, cyberspace etc..)
In Psy music appart from Vegital album I can also suggest Neuromotor - Bloody Reality and Acidance release - A Violent Re-Action
Na Zdrowie! I will look into both releases.

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:32 pm
by vic
Spasibo za otvet ;)

message of coexistence should be spread not only on psy styles


Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 10:06 pm
by sadhu
:cheers co-existence messages *should* be the matter of music, movies, all kinds of art.

We live into an Infosphere: how many messages do we receive every day? How many deal with world peace and fraternity?
A vast majority of these is unsolicited spam or ads to grab your subconscious in a subliminal way and stuck in your brain
the idea that with Fetish Jeans you're soo cool, that some BBQ Sauce makes you soo horny and other kind of crap...

Just look around, we're so deep into egoistic money lovers, if love can get so
weird... not a nihilistic point of view here, because here comes the aural
trance-dance that gets someone into a re-action to reality.

Shamans, Hindus receive soul fullfillment dancing and meditating, they just feel a part of the whole world.
This sadly was *mainly* in the past...

Com'on, we do OGM, we could destroy ourselves with nuclear bombs, we travel into space
but we can't get worldwide peace and prosperity? We need more inspiring lyrics and a bigger
scene to go one step beyond...

Does it really mind if it will be a better comprehension or a bloody revolt?

No. Just make it happen. :grin: Escapism :bub

NASA put a seal on satellites that contains some infos for the outer brothers into deep space

uh, well, um, hahaha

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:55 am
Politics in psy? Yeah, please, as long as we keep a part of the psy world set apart for just the fun, spiritual release, and sheer escapism and relaxation that is a tradition of psy.

I had a long hard search for enough tracks to do a two hour set, and even now, I only have about 4 total hours of tracks that could be considered political ot activist themed.

I got a lot of people who didn't like my Articles of Impeachment set because I heavily used Vegetal tracks. Funny thing is that those sets were downloaded over 175,000 times from the Indy Media web site before the link was removed.

Most of the people who downloaded it were not ones who listen to psy as a normal part of their music life. That mix crossed a lot of boundaries and made an impact n places that had never heard of psytrance, or even like dance music.

In conclusion, there is a place in psy for politics, activism, and awareness, but it must be treated as any other harsh and controvesrsial subject. Some people will never like it, but oh well, we are supposed to be the higher conscious thinkers, right?

Black Magik Records will be helping me to set up a label I created called Thought Bomb Records/Mind Bomb Records which will focus on the political and other touchy subjects.

I know a lot of artists are looking for a place to do political tracks, so we will be making a label that will donate to charities and organizations that work for the greater good of humankind. We will also be heavily promoting internet freedom, free speech, musicians rights, enviromental causes, world peace, anti-war activities, poverty and hunger relief, and awareness and education activities.

It's a dream I've had for a few years now, and it looks like it is the Goddess and Jah's will that I am blessed in this endevour.

Sorry if I got preachy, but this is a subject I have a serious passion and dedication for, as many of you know I am a political writer and activist in my other life.

Peace and freedom!

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:26 am
by kriz
Agree Shaft, it have to be a part of the experience.. And this new project : Thought Bomb Records/Mind Bomb Records is for sure interesting..

I just bought the Vegetal album after all the fuzz i read here, and wow it is very very good. I for sure would like more and also more controversial topics please..

Everybody allready know Bush is a troublemaker.. Now tell me about Israel/Palestina conflict ? The war against drugs in south America ? So much topics :( (few would here be better) :)

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:59 am
by Specter
Interesting topic.

In my opinion i thing every kind´s of music shoud get envolved in more activism. Because one style, or other evry people listen music, and the musicians really have the power thru they´re work, word´s, etc to wake up peole to reallity. I´m not saying to made of that the main topic, but use him a litlle more, i thing was cool.

Stay in Peace

Boom Shankar

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:21 pm
by time wave zero
hey people,
i read here about some projects in the field of activism and politics and i would like to ask you if you can recommend a set here on triplag which was made in order to be politically active?? i came a bit late here on triplag and haven't heard and checked all the sets posted here, but may be someone can recommend a certain set with a political message. i am very interested in that.

i don't think that we must not be politically active ( even at parties). i really enjoy activist parties and there are loads of them here in this part of the world where i am now. we have much more problems with the police i think and people fight for their rights. i think it is good like that, we are on the right way. sure, there will always be people who find this silly cause they just wanna go and dance and party ...but so f* what? if we listened to these kind of people, trance parties would still be some disco under the coconut tree in goa like it was 15 years ago ....there would have been no evolution, no culture, no anything, just dancing and partying....
hehe nonono. have nothing against this kind of people and dont wanna change them or anything, but i am not gonna change my vision and behaviour just because they wanna party and dont give a sh* about the society they live in....

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 11:52 pm
by Triplag Webradio
please search for DJ Shaft(69) sets on DJ section f the forum -- quite a few of them have political messages ;)

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 7:43 am
by time wave zero
10x, i will check it;).
btw if anyone with this kind of sets wants to promote himself on our website, and has a proper message connected to politics: please contact me
i will put a link of your set there...

political message can be anythin :illuminati , 1984, legalise it, alternative communities or party politics or whatever.

it could be anything...
it is a political message if you give the people a free party with no entrance too.

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:46 pm
by Dark Life Records
Check out this one...: ... &plindex=1
with polish subtitles but english voice so anyways...
You have here all aspects of today's world explained, from religion to world order :)