Marlin Janus - One-Eighty (ALPHA003)

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Marlin Janus - One-Eighty (ALPHA003)

Post by dachande » Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:32 pm


This is the third release from Alpha Waves. One-Eighty is dedicated to all the
speed freaks out there and those who ever wanted to know how psychedelic
trance will sound at 180bpm. Although this project is a demonstration of how
music can restructure itself at such immense speed (145bpm -> 180bpm), it
should also be a request to all Psytrance DJs and Artists not to exceed this
speed limit as it will make your music just sound awful and way too fast.

Edit: This speed limit has been broken by myself with ALPHA004 now

Artist: Marlin Janus
Title: One-Eighty
Style: Pure Power Psychedelic
Format: MP3
Quality: 192kbit/s, 44kHz, Stereo
Duration: 1h 43m
Size: 143MB

Download: ... one-eighty

As all previous and upcoming Alpha Waves releases, this release
includes a nice Cover, a NFO file width additional Information (also
available as PNG), CUE file(s) to burn the mix as an Audio-CD, and
the Mix itself in MP3 format, of course.


CD 1
01. Suria - Psyriver :: (original: 145bpm)
02. Suria - Humans Hologram :: (original: 145bpm)
03. Fraktal Noise - Paranoic Disaster :: (original: 150bpm)
04. Digital Talk vs. Para Halu - Frogs On Lufi :: (original: 147bpm)
05. Kindzadza - Whats In The Box :: (original: 148bpm)
06. Moodsyne - Mental Haze :: (original: 148bpm)
07. Wizack Twizack - The Mind Of A Lunatic :: (original: 148bpm)
08. Ankur - Weniger Ist Mehr Mit Mehr :: (original: 154bpm)
09. Kindzadza - Fight Or Die (Highko Remix) :: (original: 148bpm)
10. Kashyyyk - Crazy Stories :: (original: 154bpm)
11. Sushupti - No Laws :: (original: 158bpm)
12. Cosmic Iron - Terrapia :: (original: 162bpm)
13. Sushupti - The Poisoned Antidote :: (original: 152bpm)
14. Cosmo - Rytmic Bahevior :: (original: 160bpm)

CD 2
01. Cosmo - Rytmic Bahevior (cont.) :: (original: 160bpm)
02. Highko vs. Ankur - Auf Saeure :: (original: 160bpm)
03. Winter Demon - Circus Of Terror :: (original: 147bpm)
04. Dark Whisper - Chemtrail :: (original: 180bpm)
05. Irgum Burgum - Over :: (original: 160bpm)
06. Seres Project - Seres :: (original: 167bpm)
07. Highko vs. Mondo - Psychedelic Navigator :: (original: 160bpm)
08. Terranoise - Buratino :: (original: 170bpm)

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