Dj Hootenanny - Down the rabbit hole (forrest/darkpsy)

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Loose Cognition
Seeking connection...
Seeking connection...
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Dj Hootenanny - Down the rabbit hole (forrest/darkpsy)

Post by Loose Cognition » Sun May 01, 2011 1:12 am

Firstly, im new to these boards, but have been lurking around them for a little while.. so i'd like to introduce myself.

I'm a psy trance fan from western australia, theres a small thriving psytrance community here but not much representation of darker or even just higher bpm tunes.. i have been mixing for a few years now and have been buying releases for about 3 years (have a sick (and costly) obsession with cds) am trying to get a start within my scene but with little success..

I recorded this mix last month, i like a wide variety of psytrance but this particular style imo is some of the most psychedelic.. absolute respect to the artists in this mix, love all ur work! :drinks

I'm posting this mix in hopes of getting some feed back/ advice on how to better it to the point i may get to one day play out :shocked

Down the rabbit hole

Flipknot vs Fuzulu - Aaa Bhole (Temple Twister Records)
Polykaos - Dangerous Mind rmx (Tremors Underground Records)
Drumatik - Space Invaders (Mind Expansion Records)
Syndzadza - Ulitka (Parvati Records)
Kindzadza vs Mubali - Normal Preashure (Insomnia Records)
Flipknot vs Fuzulu - Alien Medicine (Parvati Records)
Alien Mental vs Polyphonia - Baba Life (Echo Vortex Records)
Karash vs Oil - Karaoilish (Cryptek Records)
Ectogasmics - Drumstains (Parvati Records)
Kerosene Club vs Spiral & Fuzulu - Celestial Species (Tremors Underground Records)

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