Criticality Excursion ){Core Breach Detected}(

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Criticality Excursion ){Core Breach Detected}(

Post by mudpeople » Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:57 am


Digital Talk-Party People (Acidance)
Satori-Nature of Reality (Fish N Trips)
Sample Bugs & Kalilaskov AS-Drunken Samothraki (Ohm Ganesh)
Nyama & Antagon-the Swampthing (2to6)
Erofex & Oxezy-Power History (Neurotrance)
Skyhighatrist & Loose Connection-Seriously DOA (Wonk#Ay)
Medhorinum-Second Face (Psyculture Fest)
Malice in Wonderland-Shibalba (Psyculture Fest)
MDS-Wormhole (Psyculture Fest)
AxuliXamus vs Kiru-Sti
Yaminahua-Chemical Equilibrium (2to6)
Catatonic Brain-the Bear Jew ( Crew & Under Voice Records )
Sky Anomaly-Epiphany Formula
Primitif Collective-Personnes de Primitif (Sacred Media)

A bit faster this time, starts slow with teh DT downtempo, but blasts right off to 165 and touches 200 there for a sec or 2.

Did a bit of post-work too, adding some more samples and whatnot, also I threw a Synth1 in there with my preset rack, sadly I forgot to activate a recording clip, so the only keyboard playing that made it is on the last one, but Im pleased.

And my psyche has been cleansed by the loving caress of ice-blue Cherenkov flames, yet again, rejuvenating...

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