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Marlin Janus - No No, Not Crazy?!! Am I?! (ALPHA011)

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:12 pm
by dachande

It has been a long time since I posted my last DJ Mix here on Triplag. I've released a bunch of new stuff in the meantime,
but now it's time to promote another fine piece in here. I very much hope that you'll like it ;)

Artist: Marlin Janus
Title: No No, Not Crazy?!! Am I?!
Style: Pure Power Psychedelic / Darkpsy
BPM: 170
Format: MP3
Quality: 320kbit/s, 44kHz, Stereo
Duration: 2h 59m
Size: 412MB

Download: ... crazy-am-i

If you'd like to put this set on air, please just send me a short PM, so I can prepare a single 128kbit/s MP3 file for you guys.


CD 1
01. Psychogenes - Manhunt (Gliese 581c)
02. Silent Horror - Aztec Spirit (Devils Mind Records)
03. Abyss Ooze - Sinking Syrup (Kamino Records)
04. Baphomet Engine - Black Sun (Dead Tree Productions)
05. Innersound - Elements (Goanmantra)
06. Secret Society - Golden Apple Corps (Quantum Frog Productions)
07. Freaks Of Nature - Broken Brain (Quantum Frog Productions)
08. Baphomet Engine - Mulambo (Manic Dragon Records)
09. Coma Sector & Yun - Stoned Clok Low (Goanmantra)
10. Digitalist - Meet Ya Soul (Damaru Records)
11. Baphomet Engine - Fungunication (Tremors Underground Productions)
12. Mind Talkers - Disturbed Noises (Mind Expansion)
13. Baphomet BBQ - Cannibal Engine (Secret Tale Records)
14. Furious - Urban Junkie (Quantum Frog Productions)
15. Antagon - Eat The Beat (Damaru Records)

CD 2
01. Antagon - Eat The Beat (Damaru Records)
02. Baphomet Engine Vs. Kalilaskov As - Devils Dance (Pleiadian Records)
03. Silent Horror - Distorted (Insomnia Records)
04. Stranger - Breaker Shaker (Goanmantra)
05. Cannibal Barbecue - Wait Until She Cums (Nabi Records)
06. Coma Sector Vs. Lenz - Cortidrone (Goanmantra)
07. Kashyyyk - Technical (Antimateria Recordings)
08. Furious Vs. Kraft - 226.06.06 (Insomnia Records)
09. Insect Seeker Vs. Cannibal Barbecue - Homem Bomba (9th Circle Records)
10. Noise Gust Vs. Conxion - Fair Drugs (Damaru Records)
11. Spyrallus - Obey The Giant (Damaru Records)
12. Oxidaksi - Constructed For Distraction (Bionic Instinct Records)
13. Cannibal Barbecue Vs. Magma Ohm - Cannibal Meet (Shaman Films Records)

CD 3
01. Cannibal Barbecue Vs. Magma Ohm - Cannibal Meet (Shaman Films Records)
02. Mondo Vs. Noise Gust - Full Moon (Nabi Records)
03. Furious & Darkshire - Fovos Entromos (Foot Stompin Records)
04. Nyama - Mental Massage (Damaru Records)
05. Spyrallus - Chasm (Free Radical Records)
06. Sychotria Vs. Fungoloyds - Alien Fashion (Bhooteshwara Records)
07. Bombax - Hollywoodkids (Damaru Records)
08. Highcosmos Vs. Ocelot, Naked Touris, Chromatone - BBQ With Mackies (Noise Poison Records)
09. Sushupti - Dr Hope (Mind Expansion Music)
10. Quantize Mechanics - Freaky Secret (Quantum Frog Productions)

Re: Marlin Janus - No No, Not Crazy?!! Am I?! (ALPHA011)

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:52 am
by dachande
My DJ Set is now also available on mixcloud.

Part 2 and Part 3 are also available.

Re: Marlin Janus - No No, Not Crazy?!! Am I?! (ALPHA011)

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:55 pm
by Zero-Blade
Funny cover and indeed, a tasty tracklist! :crazyfly