d' Mafferettis - Dreamstoned-set

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d' Mafferettis - Dreamstoned-set

Post by Mafferetti » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:57 pm

Hello hello! :roll

Here is the newest DJ-Set from the Mafferetti-twins.
We played this set last friday 10.08.12 at the Dreamstoned-Party in switzerland.
Enjoy 2hours dark icecream


01 Baal - Follow the hollow (Lords of Destruction)
02 Diablos - Chaos render (Lords of Destruction)
03 Kiru - The Kuroi Jukai (The Kuroi Jukai)
04 Diablos - Disty (Lords of Destruction)
05 Magma Ohm - Outside of Perimeter (out of time)
06 Innersound vs Za7zay - Gravity (chaporas tribal dance)
07 White Wizard - Vocoder (Psychedelic Religion)
08 Karkazz - Area of Effect (Sonic Shamans)
09 Silent Horror - Journey (Sèance)
10 Necropsycho - Goodwill torture (digital decoder)
11 Silent Horror - Dèjà Vu (Séance)
12 Irgum Burgum - Call me tommorrow (Baba Power)
13 Polyphonia - Viva la Revolution (Future World)
14 Rawar vs The Heretic - Lost Souls (out of time)
15 Sula Kaska - the Key (the key)
16 Zombie Scream - Zombie Snails (Nervous disorder)
17 Far East Ghost vs. Psyhamaa - Out of dimension (Ijigen)
18 Noize Gust - Another part of youseless (Ijigen)
19 LSDemon - Misanthropykus (666)
20 Sick Minds - El Demonio Olvido Su Sentencia (Twisted Minds from Hell)
21 Kobold Instinct vs Endless Euforia - Instinct euforia (Nuclear Abduction)

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Re: d' Mafferettis - Dreamstoned-set

Post by Blow » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:03 am

looks dark, very dark! :D :D

listen to it! :ura

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