On Air; Freaky G - Knight off the two realms

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Freaky G [Triplag]
DJ team
DJ team
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On Air; Freaky G - Knight off the two realms

Post by Freaky G [Triplag] » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:43 am

Visionary Shamanics / BrainWaves Production / Triplag Music

http://soundcloud.com/freakyforests/fre ... ff-the-two

01# Grapes Of Wrath - I Dunno Rmx
Paradiso Rec

02# Atriohm - Pagan Anestetick (Encephalopaticys RMX)
Noise Poison Rec

03# Farebi Jalebi - Hollywood Muscle
Parvati Rec

04# DrURy NeViL - Ducked Tail
Moonstation Rec

05# OrePhonia - To Be
Underground Sound Promotions

06# SofiaX vs Narcosis - Horrible Nigtmare
Zlaxyi Rec

07# Polyphonia - El Maniatico
Illuminati Rec

08# Savajun - Paranoia Jimmy
Discovalley Rec

09# Baal - Eve Of Destruction
Triplag Music

10# Noise Gust - Freak Out Syndrome

11# Derango - Implosions (Technical Hitch Remix)
Vertigo Rec

12# Derango - Irrbloss Part.2 (Gidra Rmx)
Parvati Rec

13# Kiriyama - Feuershutz (live Mix belgium)

14# Kryptum - Redpyramid
Hypnotica Rec

15# Kiriyama - As You Stand In Silence (Live Mix)

Big thanx to Alex (Kiriyama) for letting me play his unrls music.. :drinks

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Sir PsyCelot
Your Trip Guide
Your Trip Guide
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Re: On Air; Freaky G - Knight off the two realms

Post by Sir PsyCelot » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:09 pm

on air 8)

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no beats in this soul ;(
no beats in this soul ;(
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Re: On Air; Freaky G - Knight off the two realms

Post by Blackholesurfer » Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:02 pm

Greetings from Neptune - We received strange Broadband Waveforms from your Homeplanet :Ð
well all i can say is : solid mixing and eq - a good trackselection - nothing more to say ......i like it......a lot!!!!!

Cya Guys somewhere in Space...lost in Time.................

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