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Dark Psy 2hrs Dj PsyXis Compilation !

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:37 pm
by PsyXis

TRACKLIST :evil: :yahoo :twisted: :evil:
1 Intro(Mycel)
By Zenes Vacsora
2 Project Puton(Original_Mix)-Shelter
By Kalilaskov
3 O Jaguar
By Orion Signs
4 Ignorance Voice
By Necropsycho
5 Supersonic
By Vibracoustic
6 Rambomized - Upe
By Tutankhamon 9000 Rambomized-Upe
7 Backtrack
By Vibracoustic
8 Pandoras Box - Psycz
By Electrypnose And Airi
9 Where Is Who I Am
By Mettanoia
10 Bierstindl-Mycel
By Haunted Castle
11 Surprise
By Kindzadza
12 Papyrus Paranoya-Upe
By Tutankhamon 9000
13 Planet Terror
By Chemical Spoon
14 100percent Psychedelic Coffee 148_Vbr
By Overhuman_Project_-_100percent_Psychedelic_Coffee__148_Vbr
15 Bombay Fx (Multi Evil Rmx)
By Psy Cut Fingers_-_Bombay_Fx__Multi_Evil_Rmx_
16 Merida Trip
By Gorump Peyya
17 Clash Of The Twins
By Hallucinated Hologram
18 Russian Winter
By Chemical Spoon - Russian Winter
19 The Secret
By Xikwri Neyrra
20 Energy Directly
By Enichikin
21 Sailing The Stygian Seas(Outro)
By Axis Mundi

PsystasherS is A DarkpSy 2hr Compilation !

AuM NaMah ShivaYA !!
:evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: