Mafferetti - Demoset novembre12 155-170bpm

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Mafferetti - Demoset novembre12 155-170bpm

Post by Mafferetti » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:15 pm

Grüezi from switzerland! ;-)

Here is a part of a dj set i created in novembre at a party in switzerland. ... 55-170-bpm

01 Hagenith vs. Oxidelic - Brzo smrtka (Psychedelic Religion)
02 Motorbrain - Monsters (Dark Terror)
03 Silent Enemy - Diabolic (Diabolic)
04 Xikwri Neyrra - Knockin' On Matrix Door (Shri Maharaj)
05 Palex & Overdose - Bestial Genocide (Black Book 2)
06 Sectio Aurea - As Above so Belong (Magnum Opus)
07 Schranz Militia - Stay Alive (Dark terror Lesson Vol. 2)
08 K Lapso - Killer Night (13th Kingdom)
09 Sushupti - Chaotic Symphony (Only the Music)
10 Sator Arepo - The Bad Trip (The Forbidden Path)
11 Hora Project - Atmo Cyrcles (???)
12 Xikwri Neyrra vs Kanibal Holokaust - The Job of a Vampire (Voice of Sauron)

Eeeenjoy! :witch:

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