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Loonavercity - Face Melter

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:19 pm
by LSDan
Hello Triplaggers, I hope you all had a great new year! 8)

After a huge break, I've started DJ'ing again and with a new name, here is a mix that I think you'll enjoy. It did start out as a remake of an old mix I did (UK Assault) that had very bad sound quality but I hate doing the same mix again and I just ended up going off on one :xdance

Unknown Cause - Human alien / Shaman Films Media
OneirOmaniX - The Bipolar Magician / Lost Theory
Troglodytes - No Isolated Archetypes / Yggdrasil Records
Arjuna - Jurassic Pork / Real Vision Music
OneirOmaniX - Purple Confusion / Treetrolla
Magic Seeds - Bubble and Squeek / Mighty Quinn
Kerlivin - Psylloween / Moon Koradji
Fractal Error - Searching for the Unknown / Real Vision Music
Will O' Wisp - Snowdrops / Lost Theory ... ace-melter