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Replacement (psychedelic techno)

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:06 am
by mudpeople
So this is the first serious mix Ive done in a couple years I think.

Its psytech, but Im pretty sure you all will enjoy it ;) ... cement.ogg

Flynt- The Age of Deceit
The Greys- Mission
LuneCell- Real
David Laake- Ibland
Nuclear Ramjet- Neoponik
Sentna- Whats Wrong With the Planet
Pampatek- Moonstruck
Carnivorous Vuduist & Taxi PsyProg- Job
Cybered- Omega Zone
Cold Project- Spirit Catcher
Deto & Gleam- Agent M
Excizen- Offshore Kiss
Sourone- Warpgate Blueprints
Hiroshi Oki- Life Change
Frechbax- First Trip
Mammal Footwork- Wallop
Sentna- Full Off (Moving Your Head)
Kino Oko- Red Rose Flow
Knifestyle- Toss and Turn