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looking for set: DJ SHAFT(69) - 3 Year Acid Trip

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:09 pm
by rapisho
Hello guys, this is my first post.
I'm talking to you because I need your help! Im lookin for a darkpsy set by DJ SHAFT(69) called "3 Year Acid Trip". He's member of this community too, but he is not availble for a while and I couldnt find a way to talk to him. The set was uploaded to megaupload, which is offline now. Also there is on the whole internet only a cropped version of this set, without beginning and ending. The only thing I found out is that the set has been played on Triplag.

If I'm posting in the wrong area pleas move the post to the right one.

Many thanks in advance, rapisho