Freaky G - Arnakuagsak

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Freaky G - Arnakuagsak

Post by Freaky G [Triplag] » Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:45 pm

In Inuit mythology, Arnakuagsak ("old woman from the sea") was an Inuit goddess, one of the primary deities of the religion, who was responsible for ensuring the hunters were able to catch enough food and that the people remained healthy and strong.
Dmj 250 & Cdj 350

01# Khaos Sektor & Gompa Nubra - Temporal Geometry Ghost Spaceship (Urban Antidote Rec)

02# ANTONYMOUS vs BIOPHOTONS - Visual Concepts (Visionary Shamanics)

03# Madianbrains - Membrain (Visionary Shamanics)

04# Wider & Trillobeat - Barong Dance (Discovalley Rec)

05# Antonymous - Binary Labyrinth (Visionary Shamanics)

06# Tromo - End Of Freedom (Sonic Loom Music)

07# Akkma - Dark Shadow (Visionary Shamanics)

08# Akkma - Roots (Shiibashunsuke Rmx) (Visionary Shamanics)

09# Stigma - Killer Mind (Phreex Networx)

10# Retohmorgon - The Groucho (Biijah Rec)

11# Rawar - The Lonely Walker (Deviant Force Rec)

12# Wooden Monsters - Psy Hussar (Nabi Rec)

13# Psybetyárok - Ostor In Your Face (Nabi Rec)

14# Baal - Eve Of Destruction (Triplag Music)

15# Adrenal Glands - Hit Make (Dropout Productions)

16# Paul Karma - Shadowland Of Dragons (Discovalley Rec)

17# Drury Nevil - Spektral Pitch (Sonic Loom Music)

18# Terrarech - Other Space Level (Psycrowdelica)

19# Paul Karma - Disease Of Mind (Discovalley Rec)

20# Silent Horror - Déjà Vu (Devils Mind Rec)

21# Jibber Jabber On Earth - ALien Seed (Echo Vortex Rec)

22# Chromatec - Disruptive Fantasies (Temple Twisters Rec)

23# Furious - Impressive (Technical Freaks Rec)

24# Narcosis & Cymazz - Rats On Acid (Moonsun Rec)

25# Technical Hitch Twist Osom - Berg Sturz (Un Release)

26# Will O Wisp - You Know Its True (Quantum Frog Prod)

27# Sectio Aurea - Naga Paradise (Avatar Rec)

28# Enickin - Energy Directly (Ultiva Rec)

29# Aerofurious - Neuro Fusion (Underground Sound Promotions)

30# Nritya Shastra - Something In The Air (Tantrum Rec)

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