Good kicks?

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Re: Good kicks?

Post by mudpeople » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:51 am" onclick=";return false;

Another one designed around the Infected tutorial, basically the same as BazzISM without the envelope and a few other things. It seems to have sync issues, at least in Renoise, usually have to set the channel delay around -15ms. Might be more reliable to sample it and trim off the dead space.

The kick plug in this pack also sounds pretty good, this one has 2 oscs with sine or saw waves and a filter. ... ack&id=167" onclick=";return false;

Or you could make your own from scratch using the basic technique outlined in this video I made. There isn't any audio in the video, and if there was you would hear how shoddy the sample sounded. I just wanted to demonstrate the basics, because anything more detailed is a matter of personal preference and will likely be different for everyone. Got teh idea from a tutorial by Ocelot that I found years ago, idk if it still exists, the site was pretty old. Also similar to the Infected technique. Dropping a sinewave through a bunch of octaves, repeatedly hardwiring a pitch envelope by bouncing/rendering." onclick=";return false;

If you want to get crazy with it, duplicate the sample or use previous renders, give each their own pitch envelope (for example, start one at a high freq ending midrange with a short volume envelope, another starting low-midrange ending low with a longer release), throw them all together hitting simultaneously, maybe even write em in different octaves or whatever sounds good, render/bounce/output-as-single-file.

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