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Post by Zero-Blade » Mon May 11, 2009 11:16 am

musiccalculater wrote:no one can seem to give me a striaght answer on this...though i have a basic idea , id like to seek your oppinions. so , you know kindzadza's epic leads, witch sound like spurts of 64th notes with a hi-pass or band pass filter...., ive experimented but could never get it spot on..... anybody know of a good method to replicate this type hard edged, yet liquidy type of sound????

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Don't try to make the same sound. Make the sound you feel.

I use ReFX Vanguard for such leads, cuz it's very easy to make it with it.

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Post by Oxidelic » Mon May 11, 2009 9:51 pm

use Synth1 excellent lfos! one of the most powerful on a VST. even it is a free synth it beats miles away a lot of the commercial ones, and you will amazed how many of your favourite artists are using this free thingy out there.

Of course dont expect to find there the "kindzadza" preset but as I can imagine Kindzadza sound has a lot sounds tweaked with crazy super fast lfos. this Synth1 can give you this. About the "epic" part, just use its arrpegiator with some up and down diminished scales or look for some "gothic" scales and experiment with them. threw 3-4 laaaaaarrrge notes as a crazy melancholic diminished chord, and let the arrpegiator "travel" through them...on 16th, 32th or 64th.. as you wish, but yes, first of all Analyze the sound you want to achieve.... than analyze the notes, and you will get there ;)

hugs and luck

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ॐ Vibe
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Post by Oxidelic » Tue May 12, 2009 12:57 pm

wow man you really dont know how many artists out there love it! There are also some interesting pages with real comparison tests between synth1 and famous analog synths as moog, juno, etc... and it is crazy as one cannot distinguish it from the rest. It is also its history, the man that build Synth1. he made it with real love, with no commercial thought into it so it was made as good as possible. Synth1 is used by almost every artist out there, from chill, through full-on and morning till dark and hardcore.

It doesn't has some fancy 3d interface, or some blinking leds, but you can "resize" it, and it has some very interesting hidden functions. But mostly the oscillator and the lfo is making it so special. as it can have very stable lfo at crazy rates and it sounds almost as analogue one. and is very low at cpu usage, so you can stuck a bunch of vsts on the chain with no problems.

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Seeking connection...
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Post by Dsompa » Thu May 14, 2009 4:36 am

try also albino 3... turn off everything put a normal saw in osc1 and spectr17 in the 2nd osc.. with cutoff and release you can get some amazing results

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Post by maartenvandijk303 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:30 pm

nice plug thanks for sharing 8) :drinks
handy for the setup in lots of daws
have fun

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Post by Oxidelic » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:24 am

ou this vst loooooks delicios! will give it a try too. 10x bro!


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Post by Scales! » Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:20 pm

I'd like to know the signal chain of Astral Projection...


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Post by Mandari » Thu Nov 19, 2009 7:26 pm


no one was able to answer this question so far?? :D

ok, so äääähm. have to say kindzadza seems to be a lot fm stuff, but for learning how it works i agree vanguard to be the easiest way.

so as i mentioned go ahead in vanguard, try to get a clear (init) preset. u have to do that yourself, cause vanguard is not offering this itself. all settings should be neutral.

ok, lets have some fun. tell u this is just to give u a start ;)

now pick up a fm waveform or one of the comb ones in osc one and set up the pitch to about 12 or 24 or 36 semitones up, whatever u like, usually the stuff is pitched pretty high. give it some more voices, 2-3 should be fine. now go ahead and put the fat button to around 60-75%, this should do the job so far.

now ur done with the waveform, looking for the movement in the sound. so..... to achieve this we take the first lfo and set it up to a hz in near audible range, so that its gonna self oscillating. i use to work with 161 bpm and put it up to around 22-44hz. play around with the pitch and pwm button, there u go. now maybe it´s time to adjust some adsr with short attack (u want the sound in your face, right?), some slight decay to your choice as it should be fast and short sound which decays pretty fast, sustain to your choice, and some slight release that the notes u will draw hit each other slightly (if u like). now u can adjust the pwm level to your choiceand play around a while until u get there where u like it ;)

now you´re done with the basic settings of the sound. but not what u mean right?

so we have to do some more settings and go ahead to the filter section. the filter is what gives the sound its character and what u mean i guess is a notchy filter sweeping the sound u did right now on several frequencies.

so take the lp notchy one and have a listen. sounds pretty cool, give it some more crispness by adding some resonance until u like it.

cool stuff mate, ur nearly done. now as u like to have some movement on the filter go back to the lfo section and maybe take the first one u already set up and increase the cutoff button. COOOOOL STUFF :xdance

but i dont like that shit enough, so take the second one and adjust it some more slow. u want some movement and no static blahshitsoundanything. try something around 1hz or stuff and adjust the cutoff again there, decide your own if it should restart every note or not. and while you´re doin this also decide if u want the pitch also to be moved that way or go ahead and adjust another lfo for this job. whatever u like, as i told u just to give u something to think about. too easy for my taste....

now u got some kinda like kindzadza/darkpsy whatever leadsound. pretty thin for my taste and not that amazing. so .....hmmmm. what should one do now to get it some more impressive...... :roll

AHHHHHH, sure, the sound needs some room right. so just take the integrated reverb, some mix, some room, dump to taste that its gonna sizzling nice in your ears......

hmmm, ok. not that spectacular still, but already stuff one can use. ahhh sure, maybe some more room and crispness is needed to get it realloy cool... so the spread button whatever it is for (=D) does really awesome stuff on the sound if i increase it (maybe with some drive hellyeah). guess what it does, right....spreading the sound out of the middle.

have a listen.... WOOOUUUUHHH, wanna scream and shout damn holy shit thats gonna blast of my mind ... :yahoo

so..... only one way to get something similiar pretty fast without the need to process the sound with any other plugin. overused one, but thats the way to go.

cheers, hope i did not forget any steps. if i did its up to u to find out the missing things. :cs

now go ahead and apply what u learned to some better synth, think about what could be done better or which possibilities of other synths could add some more coolness to your sound and......

have fun, enjoy:



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3plaĞ connected!
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Post by Zagoan » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:19 pm

cheers Mandari!

great post (and a fun read :D ) seems like great tips, gonna give it a try right now! I wanted to go to bed but you just kept me up... :drinks

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