Some samples for yall

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Some samples for yall

Post by aghori » Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:18 am

Power chord library for NI Kontakt 3 or superior. Real humbucker guitar power chords with no pitch-shifting, all the chords are played. This library is perfect for rock music and all its variations.

Humbucker guitar recorded 21 different chords (from E1 to C3), 8 repetitions (round robins) directly into our hard drive without passing through any amp. It was recorded for you to use an amp simulatior software, create your own sound.

1 wet distorted sound, 4 repetitions (round robin). 400 Mb installed – 200 Mb download.

- 44.1 Khz 24 bits .wav
- Pure rock guitar sounds
- No pitch-shifting, all notes of the guitar were recorded to give an ultra realistic sound
- Kontakt 3+
- Natural decay

Kontakt Player (free) will only work for 15 minutes, then you will have to restart it. Full Kontakt needed to avoid this restriction.

Download: ... sfree.rar/
200 MB


Virtual Kicks - 1.4 MB - 32 Kicks ...


AGM & QÜINTRIX artists in fourRoads studio, Galicia (Spain). They are two great Spanish producers and djs who have been working a lot these latest years, producing pretty good music and getting quite good recognition. They love techno, tech-house and progressive house and their live performance is fresh and solid.

Actually there are some of the loops and sounds they play live, that means there is a lot of work behind, so show them some love!
Sample pack is kinda techno style, but also works for tech-house, progressive, etc organized in folders of WAV files:
- BASS (8 files)
- DRUM (10 files)
- FX (11 files)
- HAT (19 files)
- KICK (10 files)
- RHYTHM (46 files)
- TONAL (9 files)

Download: ...
142 MB


groovy powerful basslines for your progressive trax ... TB303.rar/


Hip Hop Samples
check out the glitch sounds yo ;)

wav 16-bit 44.1 khz

Total: 1,000 Wav files
Size: 50 mb

100 drum samples
300 bass samples
100 instruments
100 synth samples
100 glitch samples
100 dj scratches
100 vinyl fx
100 ...more

Download: ...

All these are freeware. certain rights exist such as you cannotredistribute them as your own samples. ;)

The Andychrist
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Post by The Andychrist » Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:40 pm

Thanks for these!

Have a good day!

Andy :crazyfly

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Post by Nap » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:12 pm

tanx pal ;)

All the best

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