27-31/MAY/10 , North Germany - Psychedelic Circus

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27-31/MAY/10 , North Germany - Psychedelic Circus

Post by kriz » Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:21 am


Ladies and gentlemen: Come one, come all! Fantastic sensations for all of your senses expect you: Let yourself be hypnotized by the driving, hypnotic rhythms of our acoustic acrobats, put your eyes to the test with astonishing optical illusions and tickle your tongue with exotic tastes! Become an artist yourself and let yourself fall into the frisky- joyful hubbub in the ring!

Psychedelic Circus opens its gates at the last weekend in May for the already eleventh time. To be more precise, it is an extra-long weekend because from Thursday to Monday, visitors will have full four nights and four days to explore all the different attractions. And again there is quite something to discover: As already known from the past years, some of the most skilled and spectacular music jugglers have been invited to persuade the feet on the dance floor to perform artistic jumps and acrobatic step patterns. A complete announcement of all the artist names would simply extend the amount of these lines to the astronomic, but one thing shall be assured: Again it became a very exciting and entertaining mixture and the sound all together truly pays tribute to the term “Psychedelic” in the festival’s name. And so does the optical arrangement: An entirely new decoration concept has been ordered that will create the perfect background for the colourful hustle and bustle in the ring and the surrounding areas with multicoloured installations and a mind-altering lighting.

Psychedelic Circus strives for sustainable party together with mother nature, for this reason there will be a trash deposit again this year. To improve this issue even more, the separation of waste will be introduced on the festival ground.

So one may be excited for quite a spectacular summer kick-off when it goes in Psychedelic Circus: Clear the ring!

Presale [click here]
01.03. - 10.04.2009: 35 euro ( + 5 euro garbage deposit )
11.04. - 20.05.2009: 40 euro ( + 5 euro garbage deposit )
presale: till mai 20. th!!

At the gate 45 euro ( + 5 euro garbage deposit )

Dark Psychedelic floor
[CRAZY ASTRONAUT (russia) osom music

TERRATECH (POR) urban antidote rec.

ANTAGON (HH) 2to6 rec.

Bombax (HH) free radical rec.


RAWAR (POR) 2to6 rec.

ALPHA (HH) interzone.pa

ALGIZ (Müritz) multiplex rec.

CANNIBAL CROW (BERLIN) psycrowdelica

DJ ANT vs DJANE EKO mind expansion music

PROJECT 25 (BERLIN) trishula rec.

DR. OGUH (SCHWERIN) ultra violence rec.

PSYCKO (PARCHIM) durchfall-crew

Dejavoo (Transient | United Kingdom)
Dialogue ( Spin Twist | Germany)
Galactika (Blue Tunes | Germany)
Flip Flop (Alchemy | United Kingdom)
Fusco & Schulze ( Spin Twist | Germany)
Human Element (Iboga | Swiss)
Krama ( Spin Twist | Germany)
Kularis (Spin Twist | Germany
Neelix (Spin Twist | Germany)
Philter (Spin Twist | Germany)
Phaxe (Iono | Denmark )
Ritmo (Iono | Israel)
Rocky (Echoes | Israel)
Ritree (Iono | Israel)
Slider (Noya | Israel)
Tulk (Yse | Germany)
True Lies (Blue Tunes | Germany)
Quantize (Iboga Records | Israel)

Anneli (Phantasm | Sweden)
Audiomatic (Spin Twist | Germany)
Bim (Iono | Germany)
Burner (VuuV / Zuendstoff | Germany)
Creator (Blue Tunes | Swiss)
Fabio (Blue Tunes | Germany)
Inglorious Bastards (Substical Rec./Plan B/Ger.)
Intellifex (Spin Twist | Germany)
Johan (Optical Irritation | Germany
Kristian (Transient | United Kingdom)
Martin (Mikrokosmos | Swiss)
Mape (Yse | Germany)
Melburn (Yse | Germany)
Montagu & Golkonda (Blue Tunes | Germany)
Shane Gobi (Alchemy | South Africa)
Shybe (Blue Tunes | Swiss)
Syncron (Blue Tunes | Germany)
Thor (Millennium Rec/YSE/Ger.)
V.Falabella (Spin Twist | Brasil
Zosma (Spin Twist | Germany)

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Post by Specter » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:25 am

Nice flier :P
All the best to everyone that join this one

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