Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

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Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

Post by Specter » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:25 am

Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

Line Up

Main Floor
Live Act's

AKÉS (Hellchedelic Records - Crystal Matrix Records) - Portugal
ANNOYINGNINJAS (Sanaton Records) - Denmark
ANTAGON (2to6 Records - Damaru Records) - Germany
ARCEK (Kamino Records) - Mexico
ATARO (Damaru Records - Free Radical Records) - Iran
ATOMENTAL (Shakra Records - Karmatic Records) - Switzerland
AUDIODIDAKT (Alice D Records - Wild Seven Recordz) - Israel
BOMBAX (Free Radical Records) - Germany
CALYPTRATUS (Bionic Instinct Records) - Germany
COSMIC IRON (Sonic Tantra Records) - Israel
DARK WHISPER (Alice D Records - Rockdenashi Productions) - Italy
DEMONIAC INSOMNIAC (Active Meditation Music) - Macedonia
FRANTIC NOISE (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina
GIDRA (Acidance Records) - India
JAHBO (Parvati Records) - Denmark
KARMATIC SKULLS (Karmatic Records) - Switzerland - Austria
KASATKA (Bionic Instinct Records) - Germany
KASHYYYK (Kamino Records) - Mexico
LOOSE CONNECTION (Catawampus Records) - Wales (UK)
MAGMA OHM (Shaman Films Media - Tremors Underground) - Brazil
MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina
MUSSY MOODY (Parvati Records) - Denmark
PARANDROID (Maniac Psycho Pro - Electric Moon Records) - Germany
RAWAR (2to6 Records) - Portugal
RED (Mighty Quinn Records) - Russia
SANATHANA (Samana Records) - India
SETH (Bhooteshwara Records - Active Meditation Music) - Macedonia
TECHNICAL HITCH (Insomnia Records) - Israel
VIRTUANOISE (Noise Poison Records - NutriaDance Records) - Italy
WHRIKK (Sanaton Records) - Netherlands
-Z- (alpha & antagon) (Sangoma Records) - Germany

Dj Set's

ABBYSS (Full Om) - Turkey
ABSOLUT (Psycrowdelica) - Sweden
ALPHA (Interzone Pa) - Germany
ANKUR (Seres Music - Acidance Records) - Germany
ANT (Mind Expansion Music) - Germany
CANNIBAL CROW (Psycrowdelica) - Germany
COOPER (Cosmic Plasma) - Romania
CORIOUS (Lycantrop Records - Urban Antidote Records) - Germany
DEPTHCHARGE (Industraum Records) - Turkey
DSOMPA (Peak Records) - Germany
EKO (Mind Expansion Music) - Italy
FILTRO (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina
GHOST EXPERIENCE (Ostschwiizer Schübel Fraktion) - Switzerland
GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records) - Italy
IGNIS (Damaru Records) - Germany
IKEN (2to6 Records) - Austria
LILL’ LI (Dharmaharmony Records) - Denmark
LLOYD POZITIVIST (Damaru Records) - Wales (UK)
LYSERG (Lucid Dreams - Wild Seven Recordz) - Austria
MADEMOISELLE CHAOZ (Pixan Recordings) - Germany
MILOWATT (Noise Poison Records) - Austria
MITRA (Damaru Records) - Germany
NAIMA (Acidance Records) - Austria
PHILOSO (Free Radical Records) - Austria
PSYLLE (Dogū Entertainment) - Denmark
PSYPRESSHILL (Shanti Tribe) - Turkey
SAMSARA (Vantara Vichitra Records - Damaru Records) - Denmark
SPACE FREAK (Freak Out Pro) - Turkey
TILAKA (Karmatic Records) - Switzerland
UNTERWEGS (Industraum Records) - Turkey
VOODOO MANTRA (Liquid Tune Records) - Turkey
WOODPECKER (Logic Vision Records) - Turkey
ZOOLOG (Parvati Records) - Denmark

Alternative Stage

ALWOODS (Altar Records) - Greece
ANCIENT CORE (Astronautic Records - Synergetic Records) - Romania
ASTROPILOT (Altar Records) - Russia
CABEIRI (Altar Records) - Greece
EROT (Altar Records) - Denmark
EURYTHMY (Omnia Records) - Wales (UK)
EX NIHILO (Fall From Cloud Recordings) - Turkey
KLIMENT (Electrik Dream) - Bulgaria
KYOTO (Space Baby Records) - Russia
LAUGE & BABA GNOHM (Flik Flak Family) - Denmark
MAIIA (Altar Records) - Russia
MAX MILLION (Ultimae Records) - Greece
MESSY MASS (Wildbro - Moistlab) - Denmark
MINDEX (Time Resonance Music - Acid Samovar Records) - Russia
NASA (Iono Music - Wildbro) - Denmark
SANATHANA (Geomagnetic Records) - India
SESKAMOL (Pati Patu Prima Records) - Turkey
SUDUAYA (Altar Records) - France
TOR.MA IN DUB (Beats & Pieces Records - Catalyst Records) - Mexico
VONOOM (Flik Flak Family) - Denmark
WONKEY DOBBLER (Whomp - Fungus Records) - England
YUM KAAX (Wildbro) - Denmark
ZEN BABOON (Electrik Dream) - Portugal
ZYMOSIS (Altar Records - Sunline Records) - Ukraine

Dj Set's
ALPAN AYTEKIN (Fall From Cloud Recordings) - Turkey
ANUBIS (Graviton Records) - Macedonia
AQUARIUS (Peak Records) - Germany
ASLANDJ (Electix Records ) - Turkey
AWAARA (Mool Sangeet) - Turkey
CÜNORT (Shanti Tribe) - Turkey
DALTON (Trance Teleport - Maninkari Crew) - Croatia
EROT & SAMSARA (Altar Records) - Denmark
KALLE KOMET (Flik Flak Family) - Denmark
KUNTAKINTE (Effectribe Music) - Turkey
MAGICK (Radiofil.fm) - Turkey
MIDI JUNKIES (Def Beatz) - Turkey
NELSON MANDALA (Zealotry Music) - Denmark
ONDREJ PSYLA (Mystical Waves) - Czech Republic
ORIAH (Radiofil.fm) - Turkey
RUFUS (Lucid Dreams) - Turkey
SPIKY (Diaphan Music) - Greece
WHACKYWHACK (Technoshamans) - Turkey

B.O.T.N DECO & VJ TEAM (Behind Of The Nothing) - Greece

The main designers of the whole Voltron Fest as BOTN Deco and Vj Team:

. make something very very "special" and professional for voltron fest, 100 times better from their previous works !! :D
. make plan for killer big "dark" festival deco !!!! with big Tents, with Likras and Light Constructions !!!
. build 3 Killer Big Screens with Live Visual Act all the Night's ;))) with Visuals Only For Voltron Festival !!!
. work on Special Main and Alternative Stage's Construction and Deco Designs for the first time only for Voltron !!! :D
. design Killer stuff for all of us, especially for the Dark People all over the world !!!
. have a lot of Paintings, Hangings; a lot of Constructions Full on Deco !!!
.will show us the 'Models' of Voltron Previews very very soon !!! :D

FARBENSPIEL (Industraum Deco) - Turkey

. create the Two Temples' Indoor Designs with killer spiritual goodies ;)
. share their all Deco and Lighting stuff with Behind Of The Nothing,
. design the Voltron Fest Cite Plan :)

Gökçeova Lake, Muğla.

37.060458, 28.805987

Gökçeova Lake is like a fragment from heaven with its charming Lake, mysterious Forest, spring Waters, lovely Nature and Sun (when the June begins till the midst of September). The location has one small house and a shelter. You will find free Spring Water to drink as a gift of nature to us. The place is 1750 m. high from the sea level. Also location has amazingly natural grass area and is like a spatial of the nature itself. That is also why we will have beautiful memories about this mystic lake. :)

How to reach the Voltron Festival Location:

From Istanbul by flight;
The closest airport to party location is Dalaman Airport, Muğla.
Istanbul-Dalaman flight takes 1 hour long.
Flight tickets are very cheap. Check them out:
When you go out the airport, you will find the meeting point for Voltron Fest Shuttles.

From Istanbul by bus;
The closest town to party location is Köyceğiz, Muğla.
The road is 750 km which is 12 hours long.
One way bus ticket costs 28 € (65 TL). Check this firm:
When you reach Köyceğiz Intercity Bus Station, you will see Voltron Fest Shuttles there.

You will be able to get your earlybird tickets of Voltron Festival according to the schedule below:

Jan 2012 -- 40 € -- limited to 250
Feb 2012 -- 45 € -- limited to 250
Mar 2012 -- 50 € -- limited to 250
Apr -- 55 €
Ma -- 60 €
Jun -- 65 €
Jul -- 70 €
Aug -- 75 €

23 Aug 2012, at the festival door: 80 €

How to buy presale tickets will be announced in December 2011..
with the subject headline: "Voltron Fest Spatial Design".


Industraum family which dedicated its identity to Dark Psychedelic Trance Music and Culture, has decided to announce one festival for 2012 Summer to share beautiful 1 week by experiencing more than 70 international artists' gorgeous sounds , audio & visual arts , performing shows and many more.

Coming together for the first time to supply the most powerful and meaningful moments under the spiritual roof of ours like 'voltron' phenomene, the festival aims to be created each year in summer period to celebrate and experience for good music, genuine dialogues and remarkable art.

Since there will be a nice children's play area, you are able to bring your kids without a doubt. Children are able to enter the festival for free.
You can bring your any kind of pets to the festival area provided that you will be responsible of looking after the pet.
Caravans and cars are free to park during the festival.
Other details about Voltron Fest will be announced very soon..

Shopping Infos:

Clothing, food, accessories and other kinds of shops, please feel free to contact us by writing to:

with the subject headline: "Voltron Fest Shops"
to be aware of the essentials for having a shop into the festival.

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Re: Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

Post by kriz » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:48 am

Going to Turkey 2012 ? hehehe :roll

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Re: Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

Post by Specter » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:02 pm

Line up and Location updated :poor

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Re: Voltron Festival - 23 to 28 Aug 2012 - TURKEY

Post by Specter » Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:01 am

Final update in Line Up

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