Upavas - Here and Now (Sangoma Records) Out on October 29th

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Upavas - Here and Now (Sangoma Records) Out on October 29th

Post by upavas » Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:02 pm


Format: Digital
Catalogue: TSANEP06
Release: Oct 29th 2014
Artwork by: Swaroop Guhatakurta
Mastering: Ady (Scorb) @ TRK Mastering

Running order
1. Ballistic Junk
2. Magnetron
3. Modulation Squeaker
4. Maximum

Sangoma Records is happy to announce the EP from its newest family member, Upavas, an artist currently based in Vancouver, Canada. The name „Upavas“ originates from the Prakrit language, a predecessor to Sanskrit. It refers to a state when one becomes very close to the divine energy that flows deep down in us all. It is this pure and silent space. The title of the EP „Here And Now“ represents the only place where time can be transcended and where „Upavas“ can be realized within you. This EP highlights Upavas’ foresty frequencies, spacious fields of sound meet a strong groovy drive, with underlying positive energy - a true twilight trip mastered by Scorb. Have fun when you dive into his music to the very center of your being.

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