[OUT NOW] Paranoia Sector - Droid Revolt - Darknox Records

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no beats in this soul ;(
no beats in this soul ;(
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[OUT NOW] Paranoia Sector - Droid Revolt - Darknox Records

Post by psybaf-darknox » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:11 am


Artist: Paranoia Sector
Album: Droid Revolt
Label: Darknox Records
Mastering: Resonant Status @ Block 25 Studios
Artwork: Paranoia Sector

Release description:

Year 3016.. Humanity, infecting the wounded and slowly fading Earth like a deadly virus, has failed its own kind by leading it closer and closer to its destruction. No salvation, no hope for the future. The once imaginary Matrix has become our reality. Earth's cosmic agony, echoing throughout the galaxy has now drawn the attention of invaders of another dimension..Androids. But what is their purpose? Are they coming to provide the solutions that humankind has proven worthless to observe for centuries? Or are they coming to lead it faster to its total annihilation?


01.Paranoia Sector - Doomsday (intro) 03:44
02.Paranoia Sector - Spooky Technology 09:43
03.Paranoia Sector - Evil Rabbids 08:36
04.Paranoia Sector - Mental Infinity 07:30
05.Paranoia Sector - Regime Destruction 07:38
06.Paranoia Sector - Embracing Darkness 08:00
07.Paranoia Sector - N O M E D 07:34
08.Paranoia Sector - Droid Revolt (album version) 06:44
09.Kashyyyk - Crazy Stories (Paranoia Sector remix) 07:39
10.Necroillusion & Paranoia Sector - Klaatu Barada Nikto 06:57
11.Paranoia Sector - Always Afraid (outro) 04:27

Buy it, in HQ at:

For more music: https://soundcloud.com/paranoiasector
For ArtWorks: http://parasecd.daportfolio.com/

Contact: paranoiasectormusic@gmail.com

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