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OUT NOW .... BGOS - Wands of Victory EP ( grimm records )

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:26 pm
by vermeee ... of-victory

Very happy after lots of years going into trance parties, practicing and learning music, to leave our register into art. Specialy into those troubled and caothic times that the world, the individual, and society is found. Society, cultural manifestation and even the individual have been reduced to consumism or nowadays even simply for the sake of showing off . So we bangin with 6 clubs tryin to bring a new perspective.. that things are not limited to yes or no, be or not to be, left or right, good or bad, etc Dont turn yourself into one more sheep being motivated and guided by social patterns that people around you, or tv, or teachers and masters and gurus, or the FUCKIN SCENE, your parents etc bring to you. The world is lacking ideias, living the remix of the remix of the remix. So its only up to you that doesnt agree with all this shit, to stop bein a pillar on all this and embrace in a journey of self knowledge , new ideias , some that were not even thought about...