Far East Ghost


Far East Ghost (Tokyo, Japan)
Takeomi is the globe-trotting Tokyo-based artist behind the Far East Ghost project who embodies the Japanese psychedelic sound through his deep yet hardcore music production.
After releasing his debut album "Welcome to Psychedelic Hell" in spring 2007 from Trip Records, he completed a smashing Japan tour, joined Triplag Music and Kabrathor Music as an official label artist and blitzed through a successful European tour in the winter of that same year.
In addition Takeomi has contributed to releases from Manic Dragon, Kagdila Records, Amibivalent Records, Last Possible Solution and a number of other leading international and domestic labels.
He has been working on famuse collaborations with acclaimed Japanese artists Savage Scream as Diablos and with Noise Gust as Mephisto and released a triple split album including Diablos, Mephisto, and Baal, titled "Lords of Destruction" on Triplag Music in 2008.
In the 2009 he released his second solo album from Triplag Music on a double CD titled "Emperor".
He has been active in a number of other projects, including the rock-psychedelic trance fusion project "Zeta" featuring Marty Friedman (ex-guitarist of Megadeth/Lovefixer), and has been showcasing his multifaceted talents by contributing to the soundtrack of Ryuhei Kitamura's film "Versus", and to the production of Marty Friedman's solo album.

Track 08: Far East Ghost - M. I.

Track 07 - vs. Rawar - Lunar Prophecy
Track 09 - vs. Datakult - Criminal

Full album double CD

Track 07 - Computadores Fazem Arts

Track 03 - vs. Savage Scream - White Disaster
Track 11 - vs. Sysyphus - Gestalt Collapse

Track 06 - Voices Of Spectral Lord

Track 09 - vs. Killer Mind - Japanese Industrial Standard

Track 06 - Model 19