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Dear friends,
Since October 2009 Triplag webradio exist only on donations from listeners and labels.
If you like Triplag webradio project and enjoy broadcast from our darkpsy and trip chill channels perhaps you will concider to help us?
Webradio will broadcast as long as there support from listeners!

Your Donations and Subscriptions are the only options to keep webradio project alive.

Respectfully yours,
Vic Triplag
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Your continued monetary support will insure that the music your love will be present and available to the people. In return for your subscribtion we will supply you with CD releases from our partner labels* whos music you hear of the radio.

With PayPal subscribtions

- you are in full control and you can cancel subscription anytime.
- you can use your PayPal account balance, credit card or bank account.
- postal charges are inlcuded

* at the moment we only send out CDs from Dark Psy labels

We have the following subscription options:

  • 7.99 USD per month and get 1 CD every two months
  • 13.99 USD per month and get 1 CD every month
  • 22.99 USD per month and get 2 CDs every month
  • NEW 1 Release download every month : $7.99 USD
  • NEW 2 Releases download every month : $13.99 USD
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