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Satori - Revolved

Artist: Satori
Name: Revolved
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: Sep 2012
Format: CD
Length: 67:56
4 panels Digi Pack with DJ insert

All trax written & produced by Rory Robinson, Australia
Mastered by Alex Urias @ Audiopathik Studios Mexico
Executive producer: Vic Triplag
Distributed by: SaikoSounds

01. Start of the cycle (08:13 min - 165 bpm)
02. Planetary formation (06:20 min - 175 bpm)
03. Out of the swamp (09:23 min - 175 bpm)
04. Rise of intelligence (07:31 min - 175 bpm)
05. The dark ages (04:33 min - 175 bpm)
06. Renaissance (07:02 min - 170 bpm)
07. The age of reason (06:16 min - 175 bpm)
08. In this moment (07:26 min - 166 bpm)
09. The cycle returns (08:41 min - 165 bpm)


The story of human kind told by full power psychedelic music. From the nothingness to the big bang. Crawling out from the sea to the rise of intelligence, the dark ages to our current situation - where we stand here at the edge of a new age. The album will be one continuous track that tells the story of our journey through the eyes of our universe.