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V.A. - A Chain Of Mind

Artist: Various
Name: A Chain Of Mind
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: March 2009
Format: CD
Length: 75:34
4 panels Digi Pack with DJ insert

Compiled by: DJ e-MO
Mastered by: Heaven & Hell Masters
Artwork by: Mad Channel (Wayo Maeda)
Executive producer: Vic Triplag
Distributed by: SaikoSounds

01. Neutral Ethos - High Sky
02. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Zoosh
03. Oxidelic - Monipamonia
04. Amorphous & Poteto - A Chain Of Mind
05. Fatal Discord - Insideout
06. Baal - Corpse Explosion
07. Far East Ghost - Computadores Fazem Arts
08. MagmaOhm - Umbrela Achive
09. Enichkin - The Light Of Reason
10. Sectio Aurea - Sistema Uomo

01. W&P Igor Batov & Alexandr Bubliy (Russia) (07:28 min - 150 bpm)
02. W&P Jonas Hellgvist (Sweeden) (07:06 min - 158 bpm)
03. W&P Delian Hristov (Venezuela) (07:53 min - 153 bpm)
04. W&P Shohei Matsuura & Masaru Ozaki (Japan) (08:23 min - 153 bpm)
05. W&P Masayoshi Suzuki (Japan) (07:42 min - 155 bpm)
06. W&P Mizuki Nishihata & Kagetoshi Nakamura (Japan) (07:28 min - 154 bpm)
07. W&P Takeomi Masuura (Japan) (07:06 min - 162 bpm)
08. W&P Karlos Lessa (Brazil) (06:27 min - 160 bpm)
09. W&P Sergei Nazarenko (Russia) (06:31 min - 158 bpm)
10. W&P Christian Faverio & Marina Sostaric (Switzerland) (09:30 min - 156/108 bpm)


Triplag Music is proud to present seventh release called A Chain Of Mind. Compiled by Triplag Music label DJ e-MO (Masaru Ozaki). It brings together a very tastefull and exotic blend of artists from Japan, Russia, Sweeden, Venezuela, Brazil and Switzerland.

And here is what idea e-MO put behind this VA: "I made this CD with the intent of utilizing music to synchronize the volition and thoughts inside my own head with those of others. I chose music as the medium of expression for the "Senses", which can be neither expressed vocally nor manifested in physical shape. I would like to show my appreciation and respect to all of the artists throughout the world who empathized with this volition of mine"