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Vic Triplag - Pozivite

Artist: Vic Triplag
Name: Pozivite
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: 27/10/23
Format: CD
Length: 65:20
4 panels Digi Pack

Compiled and mixed by: Vic Triplag
Mastered by: Heaven & Hell Masters (Japan)
Artwork by: Vess
Distributed by: BeatSpace

2023 Copyright Triplag Music. All Right Reserved. Unauthorised duplication, broadcasting & distribution is prohibited and a violation of applicable laws.

1. Mariochainsaw - Iggurt (Vic Triplag rmx)
2. Dark Whisper - Affirmation Trance (Triplag edit)
3. Far East Ghost feat. Mikayo Ryu - Pie Jesu (from Requiem)
4. Nammah Ohm - Atmosfear
5. Necropsycho - Aurora (Vic Triplag rmx)
6. Xhamanik Ritual - Maantrika
7. Noise Gust - Shaggily
8. -Z- (alpha & antagon) - Stopwexeln Verbuxeln
9. Parasite & Oroboro - Creative Motifs

1. W&P by Charly Ryan
2. W&P by Manuel Bellini, Italy
3. W&P by Takeomi Matsuura vocal by Mikayo Ryu, Japan
4. W&P by Miguel Carvalho, Portugal
5. W&P by Carmine Tarsitano
6. W&P by Christopher Alvarez Moreira, Costa-Rica
7. W&P by Kagetoshi Nakamura, Japan
8. W&P by André Szigethy & Lars Antagon, Germany
9. W&P by Yuvin Shetty, India and Robin Draper, Germany


S p r e a d P o z i t i v e V i b e s !