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Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions

Artist: Silent Enemy
Name: World OF Illusions
Genre: Dark Fullon
Date: 26.08.2008
Format: Digital
Length: 30:11

Mastered by: Heaven+Hell Masters
Cover artwork by: Pedro a.k.a. Schkzyto
Distributed by

01. Schkzyto vs. Silent Enemy - Devil Soul (10:56 min)
02. Silent Enemy vs. Rebel Assault - Brazilian Vampire (Silent Enemy RMX) (10:00 min)
03. Silent Enemy - Stay Alive (10:15 min)


Triplag Music is proud to present EP by Silent Enemy - World Of Illusions. The project was founded in November 2006. Participants of the project: Hugo Veloso (Dj Korey) and Gabriela Padilha(Dj Gaby), decided to create a project called Silent Enemy, that goes from Night full on to Dark Trance. Dj korey, with expirence on many dancefloors around Brazil, present a style that goes from Night to Dark Full on. With Abomination, Frozen Ghost, Hydraglyph, Dark Psy, Penta and Wizack Twizack as his influences. Dj Gaby, is at the beggining of her carreer. She has Darkpsy trance as a main style inspired by projects like Silent Horror, Baphomet Engine, Crying Orc, Polyphonia, Kindzadza and Derango. Silent Enemy has the objective to mix Night Full on and Dark Trance, showing that is possible to make something agressive, dark and dancing at the same time. We hope you wil enjoy brand new tracks with Silent Enemy unique style.